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Our core business is the discovery and development of medicines for diseases and conditions that impact millions of people.

Prescription Products:

Today, MSD has more than 40 prescription products in key therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, oncology, neuroscience, infectious disease, immunology and women's health.

Consumer Health:

Through our consumer health products, we strive to enhance the quality of life for people and their families around South Africa. Each day, millions count on one or more of our industry-leading brands that help prevent or treat various common conditions. This includes products for hayfever and other allergies and dry skin conditions.


Our world-class prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines bring relief to millions of people. Vaccines are one of the greatest public health success stories of the 20th century, and MSD has played its part in that story. We are one of a few companies who remain dedicated to the complex business of researching and producing vaccines.

Critical Care:

Developing, discovering and bringing breakthrough medicines to find treatments for some of the most vexing medical problems in our times forms the core philosophy of MSD. MSD has been relentlessly working to transform cutting edge sciences into innovative medicines and groundbreaking medical solutions in order to aid clinicians caring for critically ill patients, thereby helping in reducing mortality in ICU.

Primary Care:

We are committed to improving communities' access to healthcare through our products and solutions. Our direct contact with healthcare providers and institutions ensures that widest reach of and access to put industry-leading products.

Chronic Care:

We are dedicated to refining the modalities of patient-centric care for people with chronic diseases and their families, and expanding specialty care. Our products and programmes are aimed at providing integrated and comprehensive disease management support to patients.

Women's Health:

A special area of focus for us is issues related to women's health and healthcare, an area in which we have deployed several significant products.