We believe doing the right thing always makes sound business sense.

We have a responsibility not only to our customers, partners and employees, but also to the environment we inhabit and the communities we serve worldwide.

We work hard every day to reduce our energy demand and carbon emissions, support our communities, and improve access to medicines, vaccines and quality healthcare around the world.

Our goal is to remain in step with the evolving demands of global business – to be competitive, ethical, innovative, and committed to the idea that good citizenship makes good business sense.

MSD Supports Organization Working to Prevent Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in Africa

For the mothers2mothers organization, every day is Mother's Day. Each year millions of children in the developing world are born to mothers living with HIV. Without intervention, as many as 40 percent of them will transmit the virus to their newborns, and each year more than a 500,000 children under the age of 15 will die from HIV/AIDS-related illnesses, according to the World Health Organization.

MSD is a proud sponsor of mothers2mothers (m2m) and has provided grants to the organization since 2008. learn more

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Botswana

​In a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS, MSD is helping to change lives. We have committed more than $56 million over several years to our work with the Government of Botswana and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS and provide treatment, care and support for people affected by this disease.

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