How We Operate

Our goal is to lead the way to a healthier future. But we also care about how we get there together.


Our passion is improving health. That is what keeps us at the forefront of scientific discovery and development.

Behind each of our medicines and vaccines is a team of researchers who are leaders in their fields. People whose unwavering enthusiasm for finding new ways to prevent and treat disease is matched only by their unrelenting commitment to scientific excellence and patient safety.

We are entering an exciting period with a strong product pipeline that targets a broad range of diseases. And we're looking ahead to the next generation of healthcare by using new techniques and technologies.

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We focus our research on several key therapeutic areas, including:


Diabetes and Obesity

Bone, Respiratory, Immunology, and Dermatology

Infectious Diseases


Neurosciences and Ophthalmology

Women's Health and Endocrine




Ethics And Transparency

Our reputation, and the trust that our customers place in us, depends in large part on how we conduct ourselves as a business. That is why we strive to operate openly and transparently in everything we do.

Millions of people around the world depend on our products, so we have high standards for how we conduct ourselves as a company. Our chief compliance officer, who reports directly to the CEO, is responsible for ensuring high ethical standards and compliance across our business globally.


This Includes:

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Reinforcing the company's overall commitment to ethical business practices and behaviour, at every level of the company.

Safeguarding individual privacy expectations through oversight of our global privacy programme.

Our Office of Ethics supports our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all our business practices. We map out clear expectations for employees and hold them accountable for their behaviour. We also have several mechanisms available such as an Ombudsman office and global Advice Line to help counsel employees who face challenging situations.

We also remain committed to operating openly and with integrity. We have taken significant steps recently to improve transparency, committing to public disclosure of our financial support for third-party groups and for healthcare providers who speak on behalf of MSD or our products.

Publishing results of clinical trials: Conducting clinical trials is a critical step in making sure our products are safe and effective. We register our trials as soon as they begin to make patients and healthcare providers aware. We also make public the study results of our marketed products – regardless of outcome. These can be found on

Sales and Marketing Practices: We work hard to make sure that the ways in which we market and sell our products to healthcare professionals, health insurers and governments provide accurate, balanced and useful information to help prescribers make the best decisions for their patients.